Where am I able to buy tickets for A Day At The Park 2023?

Official tickets for A Day At The Park festival can only be bought at our website/via the official ticket shop by our partner Paylogic. We strongly recommend buying tickets through our official channel only as we can guarantee the validity of the tickets and you will always be paying the original price. 

What are the ticket types and prices?

The following ticket types will be available, be quick!  

  • Early ticket – € 47,50  
  • Regular ticket – € 52,50 
  • Late ticket – € 57,50 
  • Final ticket – € 62,50 

The tickets above will grant you access to the festival site. The prices are excluding service fees.  

Am I able to pay in instalments or afterwards?

Yes, the payment method Klarna will make that possible for you. 

Do I need to personalize my tickets?

Yes, personalizing your ticket(s) for A Day At The Park is mandatory. You will receive an email from Paylogic which contains a link that gives access to the personalization page. You are also able to access the page from your ALDA account. 

Am I able to change the name on my ticket?

Yes, changing the name on your ticket is possible via the name change module of Paylogic. Please be aware: a small fee will be charged so if you don’t know who will come along, wait a little bit longer to personalize the tickets. 

Please find below the instructions on how to change the name on the E-ticket. 

  • After you purchase your ticket, log in with your ALDA account. 
  • Click on view order. 
  • Click on change of name. 
  • Select the ticket whose name you want to change. 
  • Enter the email address of the new visitor 
  • Select your preferred payment method 
  • Complete the name change. 

The new visitor will receive an email in which the ticket can be claimed. 

When do I receive my tickets?

You will receive your tickets later, but no later than 3 days before the show (13 September 2023). 

I bought a ticket but can’t find it anymore / did not receive a confirmation mail, help?

If you can’t find your confirmation mail anymore, don’t worry! Log in to your ALDA account and find your order there.  

You can also make use of the following tool: https://consumer.paylogic.nl/tickets/. Fill in the email address you have bought your tickets with, and you will receive a confirmation email again. 

I can’t go the A Day At The Park festival anymore. Can I sell my ticket?

Oh no! For now, there’s nothing you can do. But no worries, selling your ticket will be possible soon. 

What does ticket insurance by Booking Protect mean?

Ticket insurance means that you insure your tickets against unforeseen circumstances. The insurance covers if you cannot visit the event due to unforeseen circumstances. Please note: the insurance is controlled by Booking Protect, please have a look at their website for the conditions of applying for a refund.  

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