Hours & Info

Date: Saturday, September 17
Opening doors: 12:00 – 23:00
Minimum age: 18+

Location: Kralingse Bos, Rotterdam
For directions you can check here Location & Directions.


When does the ticket sale start?

Tickets are on sale now! Get your hands on one of the last tickets by clicking here.

What are the ticket types and ticket prices?

For A Day at the Park you can buy the following ticket types:

Funky Monkey (Vlotte Vlos tickets) – 45 euro ex. fee SOLD OUT
Disco Deer –  50 euro ex. fee SOLD OUT
Dopey Owl – 55 euro ex. fee SOLD OUT
Hyped Monkey - 60 euro ex. fee
Very Important Bear (VIB) – 89 euro ex. fee

What happens to the tickets I bought in 2021?

Tickets from 2021 are still valid in 2022! If you haven't requested a refund in 2021, your ticket is automatically converted to the new date on 17th September 2022 at Kralingse Bos, Rotterdam.⁣ You are able to download your tickets from the 13th of August and after you've personalized the tickets.

Curious about the status of your order? Look for the orange button 'Orderstatus' in the confirmation mail which you received when you first made the order. 

How does the installment plan work?

When you buy your ticket in installments, you can pay your ticket in three installments. The first installment will be 20% of the ticket price. The second and third installment will both be 40% of the ticket price. Your installment dates will be shown at the check-out in the A Day at the Park ticket shop. With all ticket types you have the option to make use of the installment plan payment method. 

Do I need to personalize my tickets?

Yes, personalizing your tickets for A Day at the Park is mandatoryYou will receive an email from Paylogic which contains a link that gives access to the personalization page. The deadline for personalizing your tickets of A Day at the Park is Friday, 12th of August 2022. If you haven’t personalized your tickets, you don’t have access to the event. 

How does Send 2 Friend work?

Yes! You are going to A Day at the Park and you have bought tickets for you and your friends. Closer to the event date you will receive an email from Paylogic which gives access to the personalization page. On this page you can invite your friends by mail to claim the ticket you bought for them using Send 2 Friend. They are then able to claim the ticket and personalize the ticket themselves. 

When I have personalized my tickets, is it possible to change the name on the ticket?

Yes, this will be possible later on for a small fee. However, we recommend to watch out when personalizing your ticket so that all entered information is correct!

When do I receive my tickets?

You receive your tickets on Saturday, 13th of August 2021. From this moment on you can also download your tickets from your ALDA Account. 

I didn’t receive the confirmation mail, what can I do?

If you can’t find your confirmation mail anymore, don’t worry! You can go to this tool: https://consumer.paylogic.nl/tickets/ Fill in your email address you have bought your tickets with. You will then receive a confirmation email again. 

What does a ticket insurance mean?

Ticket insurance means that you insure your tickets against unforeseen circumstances. If you cannot visit the event due to unforeseen circumstances, this will be covered by the insurance. PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation of the event due to COVID-19 is not covered with this insurance. 

Where can I buy lockers?

You can buy your locker by clicking here


What happens if A Day at the Park is canceled?

We believe that after a year of waiting A Day at the Park can and will take place on Saturday the 17th of September 2022. On the other side, we also learned that things can change quickly and in these uncertain times. In the case the Dutch government decides that, due to COVID-19, A Day at the Park cannot take place in 2022, you will have the option to get a refund. 

If A Day at the Park is canceled by Covid-19, will I get my money back?

In case the event is canceled due to COVID-19 you will have the option to keep your tickets for the new event date or to get a refund.  

What Covid-19 measures will be taken?

This depends on the developments surrounding COVID-19. Measures that are necessary at that moment will be taken and the visitors will be informed about this in detail. All regulations of the Dutch Government concerning COVID-19 will be complied. 


Is the event wheelchair accessible?

Yes, A Day at the Park is wheelchair accessible. Please send an email to info@adayatthepark.nl so we can help you further! 

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