Het Kralingse Bos

Langepad 30, Rotterdam

Opening Hours

Doors open: 12h CET
Start show: 12h CET
End show: 23h CET


Make sure to bring your ID and your ticket. The minimum age for the event is 18+. We cannot grant access to visitors younger than 18. Therefore, it is important to take legal identification with you for security to check your age.


As a standard procedure, all visitors and crew are thoroughly inspected. Visitors are not allowed to bring luggage and/or backpacks to the event. You are allowed to bring handbags to the event with a maximum size of A4 and 10 cm thickness. The safety of our visitors is always a high priority. Regarding recent developments worldwide, we are extra cautious with all procedures. We ask for your understanding.



To make sure you don’t miss out, we recommend you to secure your locker in advance. Please note, lockers bought in advance are cheaper than at the festival itself. You can buy your locker here.

Please find the online prices below:

  • M Locker €8,00
  • L €12,00

We will also offer lockers for sale on site. Lockers can only be bought cashless (by card). You can store your belongings in the lockers on location. Please check the floorplan below for the exact locker desk.

When buying at the festival, the prices will be:

  • M Locker €9,00
  • L Locker €13,00


A Day At The Park is cashless. No need to get tokens, you can just easily pay for your food/drinks directly at the counter.

You can pay by credit or debitcard. You can pay with Maestro, Vpay, Mastercard and VISA. As you won’t need cash, there won’t be any ATM machines at the festival terrain. Only brought cash? Please go to the cash card top up station at the information desk to get a prepaid pin card.



Public Transport 

The best way to get to the festival is to take the subway from Rotterdam Central Station to Gerdesiaweg. Subway lines A, B and C stop here. For the most up to date advice? Please head to for a personalized travel plan.


There is no designated event parking space around the venue. We strongly advise to visit the venue with public transport. If you want to park the car, we advise you to park at the P+R Kralingse Zoom and take the subway to Gerdesiaweg. Easily check in with an OV chipcard at the P+R.

More information on P+R:


If you live in Rotterdam we strongly advise you to go by bike. Follow the signs to the designated bike parking area next to the Langepad (next to Beach House).

Share scooters

Parking for share scooters is facilitated in the parking lot on Langepad. This is also where the bicycle storage is. The location is added to the multiple sharing apps so you will have the correct information/instructions.


Hear the music, Protect your ears.

Enjoying festival life to the fullest but ending up with a buzz or ring in your ears? This is an indication of hearing damage. At festivals and concerts, you can suffer permanent hearing damage within just 5 minutes. With special music earplugs from Alpine, you protect your hearing while still being able to hear the music and your friends perfectly. As the earplugs are barely visible, very comfortable, and 100 times reusable, there is no reason not to wear them. Protect your ears and enjoy your favorite music today and in the future. Alpine earplugs will be available during A Day at the Park.

Celebrate Safe

During A Day At The Park we celebrate safely. When you (or your friend) are not feeling well, please visit our first aid team. The first aid team is your friend and are here to help you without judgment.


In addition to doing everything we can as an organization to create a safe environment, we also think it is important that you look out for each other a little bit. If you see someone during our festival and this person is being bothered by unwanted (behavior then ask this person ‘are you okay?’. So keep an eye on each other and solve problems by just bringing it up.

Zero Tolerance

We have a zero-tolerance policy and so discourage you to bring (soft)drugs to the event. If any type of drugs is detected during visitation, you will be denied access to the event. Public use of drugs at the event also leads to removal. Please respect our regulations.

Lost & Found

Found items can be brought to the info stand, which can be found in the center of the festival. Have you lost something? During event you can report the missed item at the info stand. Only found out afterwards? Please reach out to


The festival will take place rain or shine. Please keep up to date on weather reports and plan your attire and preparations accordingly.

Always check the weather forecast before you go to a festival and be prepared for anything. Because day and night temperatures can vary drastically it’s best to dress in layers. Alcohol and drugs will impair your judgment and assessment of your body temperature. Be sure to bring warm clothes for your journey home.

Umbrella’s are not allowed. Be sure to bring ponchos or a raincoat yourself. Should it rain tremendously, ponchos will also be handed out at the bars.

There are also a number of stages covered.

Food & Drinks

Food-trucks are available and plenty of bars as well, all over the festival site.

Semi-Professional Photo Equipment and Selfie Sticks

Bringing professional or semi-professional equipment to this event is strictly prohibited, unless agreed upon otherwise by means of an assigned press accreditation. Selfie sticks longer than 1 meter are prohibited as well. Normal digital or other cameras and go-pro cameras are permitted.


Please be aware of your valuable belongings and keep an eye out for pickpockets.


Still have some questions? E-mail us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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